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What’s it all about?

The program provides a complete model which allows you to become a Dreams Hunter, meaning a new generation-leader initiating sustainability ventures to contribute to a better world.

Let's hunt together!


It’s an innovative pedagogic journey which aims at inspiring & training the leaders’ new generation to chase their dreams while undertaking impactful projects. Not only an online course, but an entrepreneurial lifestyle giving the opportunity to act "big" now.

Let’s create, run and finance a CSR or sustainability project.

Current Partners: HEC Paris, ESSEC Business School, Nova School of Economics, Skema Business School…

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Business Schools, Universities & Companies


A fundraising system focused on a unique crowdfunding method which was initially created to help finance socially/environmentally-conscious expeditions. But now, any impactful project can benefit from this system.

Let’s take crowdfunding to another level.

Current Partners: 2041 ClimateForce, The Explorer’s Passage, Global Himalayan Expedition

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Crowdfunding Platforms & Foundation Events


An innovative speech which inspires to rise to society’s environmental and social challenges by sharing thought provoking stories from first hand experiences of climate change at the South Pole, of the water crisis on a 25,000 km bamboo bike journey and of energy inequalities in Himalaya.

Let’s become a sustainability leader from scratch.

Past event: ANEDD, INSEEC Responsible Leadership Seminar, ESADE Sustainability Week…

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Companies, Universities & Student Organisations

Global Experts Panel

An exclusive set of interviews of global impactful leaders sharing within the program their mindset’s secrets.

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Theo Rohfritsch is a realistic and intrepid dreamer, passionate about meaningful actions: a Dreams Hunter.


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During a 10km run in the hilly Italian countryside, Theo’s cousin asked him between 2 breaths: “why don’t you share your unique impactful experiences and thoughts to the youth to inspire positive change?!”. Plus, as you might know this quote from Mandela: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”… Everything made sense, stars were aligned, so why not going for it! That’s how it all started.

As you know, our society is facing huge environmental and social challenges. Theo, The program’s founder, had enough of being powerless, and took action at his own level through several impactful expeditions. Then, the idea of sharing to inspire positive change with others to go on an impactful adventure, but also on impactful business ventures came out. But sharing a story is not enough to drive change, you need to show the way! That’s why the program is divided into 3 formats To provide a complete experience based on Inspiration, Method and Action.

Plus, there’s something deeply missing in our education system… Youth has enough information, but what they don’t have is enough inspiration. You can’t inspire change unless you share inspiring (emotional content because we are not rational beings) and entertaining content (let’s be honest, most of university courses are damn boring). Moreover, you can’t convince to take action unless you share practical methods to act. That’s why the program exists.

  • It's fun up there!
  • Your creativity has no limits of power among the stars.
  • What’s a better place to get the big picture of our Planet than from outerspace! It’s crucial to get the big picture’s approach to effectively tackle any sustainable challenges. Astronauts can relate to what we truly mean here.
  • Course: 12h to 18h, excluding the global experts keynotes. It is meant for business schools/universities which have the desire to boldly step up and provide the most innovative online training to form badass sustainable leaders/entrepreneurs. The program provides a model which allows sharing Inspiration, providing a Method & leading to Action.
  • Conference: 1h to 1h30, including a Q&A session. It is meant for companies, universities/business schools and student organisations which want to inspire to take action with the right impactful because mindset is everything.

Yes, however, the founder wishes to only give access to the fundraising system those who undertake a project with a positive impact, meaning a fundraising initiative contributing to a social and/or environmental challenge.

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